Justin Bieber: This is the anniversary of Jazmyn Bieber, his little sister

Justin Bieber has a younger sister. Jazmyn is celebrating its 5th anniversary and editorial fan2.fr wish him a very happy birthday

Justin Bieber has two siblings. The youngest of the family is celebrating its 5 years, during his "Believer Tour" Justin Bieber was family photo with his dad and his little sister. Anyway the Beliebers are already a fan of this little Jazmyn. They were likely to leave birthday messages on Twitter the singer. The drafting of fan2.fr collected some reactions just for you: "Happy Birthday to the little sister Jazmyn Justin Biber" @ NuJustinBieber. "Jazzy grew so fast, 5 years. Were he grew up before us" @ EvaCoiffure. "The Beliebers love you too! I can not believe you already 5 years. You grow too fast. I love you" @ boybelieber_246.Tous these fans obviously love their favorite singer, but they also like her pretty little sister these attentions must necessarily touch the star. Justin Bieber has filmed a sexy new video for Adidas NEO. Maybe Jazmyn follow the footsteps of his brother, is making a career in the song is turning into a pub for a globally recognized brand. Each year, it has the right to many messages from around the world to wish him a happy birthday, what lucky. This little girl is already a star with fans of Justin Bieber, he even found him a nickname: Jazzy, it is rather very cute and will certainly please. So girls, how do you find the little sister of Justin Bieber?

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